Our Clinic

Our Clinic

We are a dermatology clinic at RPAH Medical Centre specialising in procedural dermatology. At Sydney Skin we are committed to delivering the highest level of comprehensive dermatology service to all of our patients. We believe that a standard of professional excellence should be met by outstanding patient-friendly service in all aspects of your skin treatment and care.

Our mission is to provide the highest quality and most individualized dermatological care to all our patients. We provide high-value, evidence-based care using a team-based approach that tightly integrates with your primary care team.

We specialize in medical, surgical and cosmetic dermatological services provided by well-respected, board certified dermatologists. Dermatologists are highly trained specialists to treat diseases and conditions of the skin, on any part of the body. They can treat a fungus or bacterial infection of the skin, to various types of skin cancer. Mohs’ micrographic surgery which is offered through our clinic is the gold-standard and most precise treatment for excision of skin cancers on the face.

With state-of-the-art facilities and the latest in laser technologies, our highly skilled and friendly staff offers you a dedicated and comprehensive approach to the rejuvenation and maintenance of your appearance.

Our goal is to have our patients walk out the door feeling healthier, happier, and satisfied with the true value of the care they received.

Our Care Philosophy
At Sydney Skin, we live our values every day. That means giving our patients not only the care they need, but the respect they deserve. Our philosophy of care allows our physicians and medical staff to go the extra mile and give the best service to every patient, every day.

When you become a Sydney Skin patient, your advantages include:

  • An evaluation by a board-certified dermatologist at every visit
  • Timely and accessible care
  • Comprehensive and integrated care
  • High-value medical care

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